Jefferson and Lincoln

Jefferson and Lincoln ….and midges, spiders, and pigeons   Most every American is familiar with the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials in Washington, DC.  They are powerful and majestic reminders of our heritage; they pay homage to two men who each had a profound impact on our country.  These memorials are important tourist attractions, and they serve […]

A Codicil for the Caregiver Spouse

A CODICIL FOR THE CAREGIVER SPOUSE   Many of us will serve as a caregiver spouse for a loved one in need.  While Medicaid will assist with nursing home care (after a lengthy eligibility precess), there is very little help to pay for extra care provided in the home or in an assisted living facility. […]

Dehydration or Dementia

Dehydration or Dementia Bentley Bruhn RD, LD   As our older population is on the rise, it is important to address common issues that can be prevented in order to improve health and lower healthcare cost. Many feel that we are an “over prescribed” culture and that we are often relying on medications that address […]

Phishing or Fishing?

Phishing or Fishing – Someone or something is on the hook Written by Rob Saunders,  April 1, 2015 When you talk about fishing, the goal is to go to the lake and catch some fish. When you talk about phishing, the goal is to send emails and catch someone’s information. In either case, something or someone […]

Estates and Wills

How Much Do You Know About a Last Will And Testament?   When you think of “probate” what is the first thing that comes to mind?  It is probably your last will and testament (or maybe the fact that you don’t have one!).  Here are some questions to test your knowledge about a last will […]

Reverse Mortgages: An Important Strategy for Seniors

Reverse Mortgages: An Important Financial Strategy for Seniors   Is this good news or bad news? Doctor to patient: “You’re in great health. You should last another 25 years” Patient “Well, that’s great news!” Doctor: “Not if you don’t have enough retirement savings.”   This joke reflects reality: many Americans’ retirement savings and incomes are […]

What is Senior Life of Alabama Newspaper?

Senior Life of Alabama   A Community Newspaper for Our Senior Community   Getting this first issue out has been an exhilarating challenge, and there are many people who have provided invaluable guidance.  They are too numerous to name individually, but they have helped in such important ways that I have to acknowledge this is […]