What is Senior Life of Alabama Newspaper?

Senior Life of Alabama


A Community Newspaper for Our Senior Community


Getting this first issue out has been an exhilarating challenge, and there are many people who have provided invaluable guidance.  They are too numerous to name individually, but they have helped in such important ways that I have to acknowledge this is more of their doing than mine.  I greatly appreciate this quip by Douglas Adams: I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. 

Seniors are a distinctive and growing demographic.  The Baby Boomers are riding in on a “silver tsunami,” and it is projected that in the next five years, nearly 1 out of every 4 Alabamians will be 60 years of age or older.  Seniors have needs, hopes, concerns, and challenges that are significantly different from the younger “electronic” generations.  Senior Life is targeted to you, the senior.  It will inform, entertain, and connect you.


Senior Life will link you to trustworthy local businesses which provide goods and services that are critical for seniors’ quality of life.  We expect for every business that advertises to operate with the highest standards and best practices in their industries.  In doing so, they reflect well on their fellow advertisers, and they provide Senior Life readers with a reservoir of companies that seniors can seek out first for their needs.  We want to support local businesses and professionals in this region, and in that vein, you will see more advertisements from Alabama owned and operated companies, and more articles from local writers than you might see in other publications.


In addition to being in print, Senior Life will have a web presence (www.seniorlifeofalabama.com).  To be the best that we can be, and to best serve you the reader, we will be interactive both in print and on our website.  We want to hear from you: for ideas on future articles, for issues you need addressed, for questions you might ask, and for any other thoughts you might have. Think of this as your newspaper and your website.


Alabamians are generous, community minded people and Senior Life will follow suit.  In each issue of Senior Life, we will give free advertising to local charities.  The myriad of nonprofits that serve our region are diverse and inspiring.  Some of them are not known, and those that are known oftentimes offer programs and services that don’t get the recognition they deserve.


This first issue of Senior Life will be distributed to over 250 locations.  This will quickly increase to over 400 locations ranging from Cullman, Gadsden, Anniston, Clanton, Tuscaloosa, and points between.


Like all of us in our different life stages, Senior Life of Alabama will “mature” over the years.  You may notice a little teenage awkwardness at first, but eventually with your input, your Senior Life of Alabama will mature into its best self.


Happy reading!


Senior Matters, LLC

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